The military has warned us that climate change is dangerous on many fronts, including direct impacts on our military infrastructure and the destabilizing forces causing conflict and migration abroad. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson announced the need for $4.9 billion additional funding to rebuild and repair two bases heavily damaged by extreme weather events. Tyndall AFB in Florida was devastated by Hurricane Michael and Offut AFB in Nebraska was flooded by the Missouri River.

At the same time, Trump is taking funds from the military to build his wall. Sen. Mike Lee made a fool of himself making fun of the Green New Deal.

There is little doubt that these weather catastrophes, along with destructive wildfires, flooding, hurricanes and drought, are climate change related. It is time for our politicians to face the new reality of climate disaster and act to curb it.

Urge Congress to support HR 763—the bipartisan and revenue neutral Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. It will reduce America’s carbon emissions while helping protect our health, put money in our pockets, and create more than two million jobs.

Jean M. Lown


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