In response to Dennis Wakefield’s “Trump’s impeachment compared to Clinton’s” submission, I did a little research myself — especially now that Trump has been acquitted, for life! In truth, Clinton did indeed claim executive privilege during his trial. Fourteen times. The House did the right thing though, taking it to court. Clinton was ordered to testify, under a negotiated format. It’s called fairness! For Trump, House democrats were too impatient to play by the rules. They just charged him with obstruction of Congress so they could finish by Christmas. It was much easier than holding a fair hearing!

Comparing the two attitudes of the presidents is easy under a few facts. Clinton committed a federal crime, whereas Trump did nothing illegal. Every witness was asked if they had any evidence. None did. Oh, but there were plenty of opinions and hurt feelings to go around! Also, Clinton was allowed due process, a Constitutional right given to even car thieves. Trump was not. His hearings were conducted in secret, with testimony cherry-picked and leaked to the media puppets. We still haven’t heard some of the testimony that Adam Schiff is hiding. There were 18 witnesses, not 17. Any honest journalist would be curious what number 18 said. Republicans were not allowed to call witnesses or even ask questions in some cases. Finally, Clinton’s impeachment was a bipartisan vote, with 31 Democrats joining Republicans. Trump’s impeachment was by a totally partisan vote. Now why would Trump ever cop a ‘tude over that?

The difference in ratings is even easier to explain. Our so-called mainstream media is nothing but a propaganda arm of the Democrat party anymore. Just look at the shameless 24/7 coverage they devoted to Russia collusion for three years: a complete hoax. Media research has shown 92% negative coverage of Trump, despite the historic successes and economic prosperity this country has enjoyed. It’s no wonder that low-information voters don’t like Trump. Karl Marx’s “Useful Idiots” for socialism are everywhere these days. I pray for our country.

Gary Cole


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