I'm concerned like others for our country. We have been sucked in under the disguise of equality. Take from the rich and give to the poor, right? That's not what happens. It never has. This system cannot support itself, taxes continue rising. It's the middle class that bears the burden and collapses. You are left with very rich and poor. History proves this. Then rewrite history so we can't learn from it. A tool of Marxism.

But we're not promoting communist Marxism. Oh really?

Communist Marxist tool box:

  1. Critical race theory. Developed in 1937 by socialist communists in Germany to overthrow the governing power. Designed to control by dividing into groups. Race, gender, religion, family, economic status. Tear down by placing blame. Replace with Marxist ideology. There's no redemption with this ideology. You are damned if you do, damned if you don't. Germany then became a Marxist communist country. Every Marxist communist country in history has resulted in mass extermination of many of its citizens.
  2. Censorship. Control news. Fact check, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon. They decide what you should hear and read.
  3. Limit free speech, suppress opposing views. Intimidation. Cancel culture.
  4. Dependency on the Government. Universal basic income. Government healthcare. Government housing. Reduced free market. Sound familiar?

Our founders had the foresight to protect our rights in our constitution, to protect the people from the government.

The constitution. Article 4 Section 4:

"The United States GUARANTEE every state in this Union a Republican form of Government". States and citizens of the state have more power than they realize. This Federal Government is limited and has no authority to take away our States Republic. The Government of each state have the right and responsibility to reject any and all federal overreach that infringes upon our republic.


Marxist "Woke" is a smoke screen. It takes and never gives.

Don't be intimidated and voluntarily surrender our freedoms. Write our governor. Insist he honor his oath to protect the citizens of this state and its republic by asserting authority from federal Government overreach.

L. Allen


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