As I watched pictures of all the crazy looking liberals march in Washington DC and other cities across our beloved country, I had an epiphany. Remember the scene when the Grinch is on the top of Mt. Crumpet, well, it was something like that…

(Insert image from Dr. Seuss of the Grinch scratching his chin, looking eye to eye with Max, as the sleigh full of Christmas goods inches toward falling from Mt. Crumpet.)

It occurred to me that maybe there is something more to money and politics.

Maybe I am not really a racist? Maybe I can overcome my racial, homophobic fears.

Maybe a woman has the right to decide about her own personal decisions regarding reproduction.

Maybe I can vote from my conscience, and not worry about my taxes, or fossil fuel-based profits.

Maybe the rest of the world will forgive me for supporting Mr. Trump, and next time, I will vote from a higher level of consciousness and greater morality.

Maybe I can sell all my guns and my big, over-sized pickup truck?

Maybe I can pursue a whole new existence that is not fear-based, nor manipulated by the media, nor based on what my neighbors or family might think about me.

I am still suspicious of all those weird looking liberals, but maybe, just maybe, we are not that different?

“And he himself [the Grinch], got to cut the roast beef” (or tofu-turkey)!

Bryan Dorsey


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