The comedy shows are back. I watched the Sunday morning commentary shows and hearing the Republicans try to explain and try justify their position to now consider a nomination for the Supreme Court was hilarious.

I was hoping for some constitutional courage from some senators but after our own Sen. Mitt announced his position, I lost all hope. Regardless of how far back one wants to go as to what years, election or not, nominees were put forth, the basis for this disagreement is recorded in stone by the senate leader. He gambled and won.

Clearly the Republicans think they and the president have a good chance of losing come November. If that turns out to be the case, they should do what all good American political losers would do, push through a nominee after November 3rd. At least then they can claim they get to do what they want, being elected by the voters and performing their duties and responsibilities during their full term of office.

If the Republicans just admitted that this was legal and they had the authority, ability, and power to do so, it would decrease much of the rancor (I believe). Instead, they play the game but change the rules (their principles) before it’s over.

The bigger and more important significance here is that the precedent being set will continue for a long time. The tit-for-tat, retaliation, and retribution being considered is way below our politics. Yes, court decisions are important. However, decisions are not or will ever be “right”. Decisions are conservative or liberal or constitutional or unconstitutional. They are never right or wrong.

Not one justice, from the Ivy League to the Big Sky, makes a determination based on what they believe is right. Any 5-4 decision could easily be a 4-5 decision give or take a year more if considered then. What makes those justices more correct or right than those before or after them?

Obama should have had his justice. Trump should have his justice. When are we going to get 100 senators that together will be civil, fair, considerate, respectful, and at all times are a gentleman/lady?

I hope its not too late.

John Thompson


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