I am one of 450-plus federal officers that work at the Salt Lake International Airport. I have missed two pay checks starting this past Friday. I understand both sides of the Wall issue, and I agree to a point with both parties. However, because of both parties childish actions, we the little guys are not getting paid. Why? Ms. Pelosi has decided that Homeland Security is a non-essential government job.

Look, here is the bottom line, Trump is not asking for anything that two other previous presidents didn't ask for. It is the plain and simple fact that now Trump is asking, that has everyone up in arms about this. Let me break it down for you, W. Bush asked in 2003, no one made a big deal about it. He just didn't follow through. Obama asked in 2008, again, no one made a big deal. Again, no follow through. Trump asks and the sky is falling now. The amount being asked for to build the wall is $5.7 billion out of an annual budge of $4.407 trillion. That is like asking for $57 out of an annual budget of $44,070 dollars. That's like a spouse telling the other that "because of that we are not going to pay bills, or give the kids their allowances."

Maybe Congress should be the ones not getting paid instead of us. Then let's see how fast things get fixed.



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