Your report that Pope Francis endorsed same-sex civil unions failed to report that the Vatican has a short memory and is out of touch with current LGBT problems.

The Pope is correct in his assessment that even gays need families. The Pope, however, has neglected to define the true nature of the family. In our permissive society the definition of family has taken on various meanings. The most accurate meaning should be not only scientifically based, but should adhere to this country's Christian roots.

The Church apparently has forgotten the huge fines and penalties it has recently paid to families of children abused by priests. This problem is also referred to in your paper's article "Archbishop's Rise" when Francis defrocked Cardinal McCarrick "after a Vatican backed investigation concluded he sexually abused minors and adults."

The Church is apparently oblivious to the Boy Scouts of America's recent bankruptcy filing that was precipitated after the Boy Scouts organization accepted gays as leaders; who then abused many young scouts. The Boy Scout organization quickly fell apart after it opened its doors to homosexuals as leaders.

Our nation's youth remain on a slippery slope until they have a picture of the ideal family. Scientifically and Darwinian based families are those that transmit their genes from one generation to the next. LGBTQ unions never have this ability.

The Christian view of this important union constitutes some of the first commandments given in the Bible. The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, recommends that male and female be joined in a Holy union to multiply and replenish the earth with children — the source of new love that binds the family in happiness.

Marriages with sexual union connected by covenants not only transmit the genes, they transmit the culture — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This union as created by God is the divine definition of the family. Sociologists now know that it is this type of family — the male father and the female mother — that is the best place to nurture and raise healthy, happy children. 

Lawrence Taylor


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