I want to express my appreciation to President Trump for expediting the replacement of Justice Ginsburg. I was conflicted on my vote for president.

Biden is too "go along to get along". Why not just have Medicare for all, and eliminate all the health care issues that arise from our present convoluted system? Why not advocate for a constitutional amendment to overrule the Citizens United decision, thus establishing unequivocally that corporations and labor unions are not citizens — that they can be treated differently from actual real-life people when it comes to limiting campaign contributions?

Trump, to use his type of language, is a "nut job". He does not recognize the authority of science in adopting his positions, and I think he would rather die than admit he was ever wrong.

But, he is clear in his opposition to Roe v. Wade's arrogant, albeit, disguised assertion that life begins when the Supreme Court says it begins. The question can be answered neither by science, nor by the wisdom of nine justices. The question needs to be returned to the states. On the state level, this essentially moral issue can be decided, in all of its complexity, without threatening to destroy the Union.

Again, thank you, Mr. Trump. It looks as if the nominated justice, Amy Barrett, could very well vote against Roe, and will probably be installed to the court before the election. Now, my vote will probably be a no-brainer — a vote for Biden.

David Ostler


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