The violent, Trump hating anti-Americans have finally won a victory at our home silencing forever my ability to voice my appreciation for our president.

For months I have flown an American flag on one side of our porch and a Make America Great Again flag on the other side.

Weeks ago I was startled by the sound of glass on our storm door being hit hard enough to break and ran out to find criminal vandals had hit my door with eggs and torn down my flag.

I, believing we should not live in fear for our political beliefs, cleaned the mess and replaced the flag.

Well around 1 a.m. it happened again, and so I was forced for the sake of family safety to remove the flag -- thereby quashing my rights to free speech.

I hope the criminals are happy now.

I want to warn others living either in Ogden and other areas to watch for these mindless criminals if you are expressing your freedom.

It is so nice to live in a community that supports your constitutional rights.

Philip Johnson


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