Let us remember 2016 — "lock her up, a wall that Mexico will pay for, repeal and replace, drain the swamp, ban Muslims, I will release my taxes, bomb ISIS and take their oil". Trump has placed so many family members in key positions with no experience, surrounded himself by friends, big tax breaks to his rich friends, denounced all science and global warming, and 7 top trump associates have been criminally charged, only to have Trump pardon them.

Every health expert has recognized COVID as a threat — Trump doesn't believe them. Instead of acknowledging 250,000 deaths, he highlights how it could have been more without him. He didn't get overly sick with COVID therefore it doesn't exist. The world outside his bubble isn't reality. He is surrounded by "yes" followers all day.

How you say something is just a strong as what is said. I appreciate some of Trump's work on China and the Iran deal. But when the leader of the free world calls people stupid, fat, ugly, weak, and losers, all his messages are lost. The POTUS used to be a position a child could look up to. Would you approve of your child behaving the way this 72 year old man does? His total disregard for people outside his circle is disappointing.

He doesn't relate to the working class. He has never grocery shopped, did laundry, mowed a lawn, changed a tire, washed windows, pulled weeds, or painted anything. He isn't like us. He talks like he is, but after Tuesday — he is gone. Nobody is coming in to fix your life, no money is coming your way, no tax cuts, jobs aren't going to magically appear, healthcare isn't going to get cheaper.

My hope is every 4 years we won't be asked to choose between "worse" and "more worse". Which one is going to leave a bad taste versus a bad scar. One man has singlehandedly made this an us versus them; either with me or against me. That's dictatorship, not democracy.

Brian Maynard

West Haven

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