The article on Saturday, April 13, about the BYU students wanting to change the Honor Code and how it conducts business causes me some concerns. Let's say there were 500 students that were involved in the protest. The student population at BYU in 2018 was 33,498. I invite you to do the math. That is exactly .0149 percent of the total student population. Why does such a small percentage have such a voice? It is the liberal media, both print and television. The article purports that an online petition gathered 20,000 signatures. How do you vet an online petition? Student, non-student or just someone with an ax to grind with the church or the university and its rules?

As I understand it, it is not easy to gain admittance to BYU, even for members of the church. I would think that prior to applying you would be well aware of what is required to attend and the keep in good standing as a student. Such as the need to keep grade point average to a minimum and your personal conduct, both on and off campus. If you don't want to live by BYU's rules then go somewhere else. I hear that there is a another great university (UVU) just down the road that might be better suited to your lifestyle. There is also a great university in Salt Lake that would love U and your money, and I hear they have a better football team.

Jim Bishop


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