If I write this then everyone will know just how petty and immature I am, if I don't then there is no way for me to seek repentance and change, so here I go. When I got a news alert on my phone that said “Brent Taylor National Guard..” I said to myself “Agh, what's the guy doing now!” I had great shame and shock that when I opened up the news alert to find out he died defending my freedom and my life! I had many disagreements with Maj.Brent Taylor as mayor. I allowed that to not just end at the ballot box. I allowed it to fester in my heart so much so the moment before I learned about the sacrifice he made, I was filled with frustration and borderline anger towards him. As politics nationally and locally heat up in the information age, I’ve realized I have gone too far. I plead with anyone reading this to insert their political or personal antagonist into my story. I held too much frustration in my heart about his professional choices as mayor. I am sure I’m not the only person to fall victim to this toxic political thought process. All of that is trivial compared to this outcome, really what good is having political fights if you lose your compassion and love for others in the process?

Gregory Smith

North Ogden

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