We’re living in a peculiar year. As much of our professional, social and personal lives have largely moved into the technological realm, the industry keeping things together is under attack. Senator Mike Lee recently participated in a Senate Commerce Committee hearing addressing concerns that conservative voices are being censored online. One wayward suggestion is to break up the tech companies we rely on and rollback free speech protections for social media companies. I hope Senator Lee remembers the positive way tech is helping Utah.

The fact of the matter is that technology companies have benefitted our personal and professional lives. Consider how you pay your bills, connect with friends and spend free time. I wager the majority of these are facilitated either in part or wholly by tech. At every turn, the tech sector has provided free services that not only amplify our voices but amplify our economy. While we continue our fight against COVID-19, we shouldn’t be scrutinizing the industry that is aiding people across Utah.

Jimie Guzman


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