Draining the Swamp. We hear almost daily, the pronouncements by Donald Trump that he is draining the swamp. The swamp, of course, is Washington D.C. but there’s another take on what he says. Instead of draining the swamp, he has created a cesspool of corruption. He has created an administration consisting of suspected or convicted felons, billionaires and millionaires having little or no experience in government, financial and industry lobbyists promoting legislation that serves their own interests rather than the American People. Cabinet heads determined weaken or destroy the very departments they were selected to lead, and a revolving door of top officials refusing to honor his absolute orders to violate any rule, law or constitutional requirement he believes he has the authority to disregard.

It’s not hard to understand why he believes this. He sees himself as absolute authority whose impulsive decisions are not to be questioned by anyone around him. It’s the same with Congress and all other institutions of government. His “great and unmatched wisdom” requires that he be in firm command, even if it means ignoring the laws or institutions he disagrees with. He’s a self proclaimed “stable genius” whose superior intellect allows him to regularly disregard the decisions of his top administration experts. He is simply smarter and more qualified than they are. Because of that, he fully expects loyalty to him. If not, his predisposition is to attack, slander, and carry out revenge on anyone who complains or disparages him.

Jack E. Allen


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