The media has crossed a critical line with the coverage of the Biden/Harris “victory.” It is a matter of timing and terminology.

The term “Friday Night Dump” refers to newsmakers waiting until late Friday evening to make a statement about a topic that could reflect poorly on an issue or politician. The reason is that the top investigative reporters will not dig into the facts until Monday morning. By then the newsmakers will call the issue old news.

Credible journalists are keen to protect the integrity of the profession by keeping an objective distance from newsmakers, providing both sides of any issue, and keeping matters in context.

Mainstream news outlets declared Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States. Hours of pro-Biden/Harris interviews and analysis followed with no mention of the ongoing election irregularities and challenges from the Trump administration.

The media continue to use the term President-Elect to describe Biden. To be fair and objective, the media should use the qualifying term “presumptive” prior to President-elect.

It is not the role of the media to declare a winner of an election. That is the role of the Electoral College.

The credibility of the media is at stake. As members of the Fourth Estate, the media is tasked with overseeing those in power and shedding light on corruption. The sloppy, sappy coverage of this presidential election calls into question whether the mainstream media can ever be trusted again.

In 1963 Bernard Cohen stated, “The press may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think, but it is stunningly successful in telling its readers what to think about.” Journalistic standards say objectivity was vital to credibility of a news organization because they control the narrative of a nation.

Media control the narrative of a nation. Members of the press set up a Biden/Harris victory speech. If it is determined that election irregularities determine Trump to win the 2020 election, he will govern under the narrative that the election was stolen. That is bad news for the entire electorate.

Kim Smith


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