I am a lifelong fan of America’s Greatest Pastime, Major League Baseball. I am 68 years old and I have a voice with many avenues to express my will as afforded me under the US Constitution.

I have enjoyed the means to support my passion for Baseball throughout my life. I am a lifelong Chicago Cub fan! But Rob Manfred has put all of that in jeopardy. Without any hesitation I will not only withdraw my fanship of MLB but I will advocate vehemently to take every action legally open to me to draw away money and support of MLB in all its forms with my voice and actions. Rob Manfred must reverse his decision to pull the All Star game from Atlanta!!

Of the countless opportunities I have had to attend a MLB game in Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Arlington, Houston, Seattle and Phoenix, I have enjoyed sitting in the stands next to fellow baseball fans of all walks of life, races, creeds and religions and not once was I ever concerned in the least way whether I was sitting next to a democrat, republican, independent, conservative or liberal. Rob’s decision just changed that for all future games (if I choose to ever attend one again). What Rob did violated a primary tenet of America’s Greatest Pastime. It is a decision on par with announcing that ML Baseball will now reverse it’s decades old policy to ban Black players to play on its fields! Is that the kind of divisiveness that Rob Manfred wants to foster? Does he really think that fans are going to feel comfortable sitting in any stadium in any American city with the thought that their political point of view may come into question now. Shame on Rob Manfred!!! People all over the world go to see ML Baseball games precisely because you feel a part of something way bigger and far more enjoyable because all are welcome! Rob ruined that with one stupid decision. He must reverse that decision and apologize to the Fans of the World.

John Roberts

South Jordan

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