As in years gone by every Saturday in downtown Ogden, the farmer's market give us all a chance to go and enjoy a day of shopping for freshly grown veggies, fruits, and other items being sold. As well as listen to local musicians and meet friends and neighbors. But what gets me is the fact that many bring their dogs with them as well. And many of those dogs don't have a muzzle that keeps them from biting someone, or other dogs. Not to mention the fact that none of the dog owners wouldn't think about walking on that hot pavement barefooted, yet have their beloved dogs walk on it burning their paws. So I'm hoping that the city can think about passing a city ordinance that dogs must have a muzzle on their mouths if they are brought to this, and other events to keep an incident from occurring. As for those poor animals having to walk on that burning hot pavement, well I'll leave that to those people who say they love their dogs to pounder.

Miguel Serda Jr.


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