My reason for writing is that I feel stressed from the uncertainty of the politics that is capping four years of my intense disgust watching every day more destruction of the values I subscribe to, in this, my beloved adopted country.

Biden is very gradually edging closer to winning, but it is very close! This is a real cliffhanger. To me this comes as a huge surprise that so many millions of Americans are voting for a man who is known for lack of morals, sleazy character, incompetence in business, multiple bankruptcies, and total failure to control the deadly novel COVID-19 virus, corruption, high treason, nepotism, womanizer, science denier, bully, teargassing peaceful demonstrators, tweeting shocking "news" every day, ad nauseam.

This is very discouraging. Even if Biden wins, there remains private citizen Trump who will be on the sidelines, but doing as much damage as possible, working hand-in-glove with the cowed Republican members of the US Senate to exploit and destroy our natural resources, and block any and all measures by the new President and Congress, wherein Moscow-Mitch & Co. excelled for many years already.

I cannot allow the downgrading of my Christian values to cozy up with Republican unbelievers. Instead, I will wait until the virus and the effects of Climate Change will force the unbelievers to see the light — if not by then the damage will be irreversible.

Gerald Mayer

South Ogden

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