Been over a week now since the Biden win (and Trump loss) of the presidency of the United States. Trump is soon to become another ex-president. It appears that Trump is not taking the news at all well and is not ready to be an ex-president. He is busily making staffing changes for his future cabinet and administration.

The White House has done an effective job in getting Republicans to show no signs of accepting that Joe Biden is our new President-Elect. Instead what we hear from Republicans is 'we don't know yet.'

And what we see from the White House is implementation of new, hard-line Trumpians into important government slots. All this may be seen as a a sort of 'dance.'

But the changes that may not be as benign as the others are the changes Trump has been making at the Department of Defense. Like the Europeans in the 1930's, he's making the military less able to act to stop a coup, and more able and willing to support one.

Unless the American People, and in particular the Republican leadership stand up and stands over and against Trump, we will be seeing more and more disruptive actions and may even be seeing the end of American Democracy.

Bob Burns

South Ogden

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