Our planet, Mother Earth, is dying and we are dying with her.

The oceans are dying from too much heat and pollution. Marine animals are dying from eating all the plastic we have dumped into their home.

Forests are dying from beetle infestations and fires prolonged by extreme dry conditions, droughts directly caused by climate change.

And we are dying from fire, floods, storms and the COVID-19 virus. Whatever you may think of the pandemic, whatever you call it, “hoax” or real deadly virus, it is, in fact, a purge.

We have treated our planet badly for too long and she is fighting back. There are too many of us. And too many have no respect for her, including some in powerful positions, heads of large corporations, politicians and many others.

The old normal will never return. We cannot keep on with business as usual. We must do better: live without so much plastic; stop using fossil fuels; learn to rely on clean energy, to name just a few.

It won’t be easy. Great change never is, but we must do this for our children, grandchildren and on into the future.

Otherwise we will soon have nothing left to save, including ourselves.

Dia Taylor


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