The genie is out of the bottle, signs of its emergence appeared in the 2016 presidential election when media bias and favoritism toward the Democrat candidate were exposed, acts that then candidate Donald Trump called “fake news.” Today Trump haters are in full battle mode attacking his administration with a plethora of questionable and outright false claims. Now a “fear” campaign is being used.

One fear being touted by former high ranking officials of the Obama administration is that our country, our Constitution cannot survive another term of President Trump. It’s an interesting point in its similarity with of a fear that Conservatives held when Obama sought reelection. The current fear is being expressed with desperation and alarm by Left wing activists and most stringently by the 20 odd Democrat candidates for president who all seem to think that we should have open borders, free health care, free college, and anything else free that will sound good in a campaign slogan.

What makes the current “fear bash” even more interesting is the revealing of past misdeeds of leaders in the Obama administration with the shenanigans of the Clintons heading the list followed by those of the “deep state” and the role of bias and dishonesty in the main stream media. There is no longer any doubt that our political arena is near crisis mode. Accusations are becoming more acerbic, acrimonious and frequent and we might wonder how this brouhaha can be peacefully resolved. Truth is we have passed that stage with the opposition showing no interest in working for the common good and it’s a fight that has no winner, least of all the average American citizen.

In lambasting Trump, Democrats and much of main stream media have dug themselves a deep hole of negativity and the only way out is if something disastrous happens, at least one candidate wishes for a major financial failure even if it destroys millions of families’ livelihood. A resounding defeat of Democrats is predictable in 2020 unless their leaders can cause a realistic course correction, something unlikely to happen. The genie is out.

John W. Reynolds

Pleasant View

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