If someone is shot, who would do such a thing? Or more like what would do such a thing? A gun would! We do not need gun control because if you have stricter gun laws, then people will want to use them illegally. Studies have shown that if there are stricter rules, then the person the rules apply to will be more rebellious. That person is the country! It is important for a country to be safe. To be safe more gun laws will not help.

 The 2nd Amendment says that we have the right to bear arms. Arms are guns, or weapons, that we have the right to have. If the government takes away what our Founding Fathers gave us the country will be very disappointed. Also it is impossible to take away every gun in the country because people will find ways to hide them, and they will also find ways to access them.

Some people say gun control is the best way to go, and it will keep everyone safe, but if we add more control laws, then people will use them more. Protesting is important to the world. It gives everyone the chance to be heard. If the government passes a law to make stricter laws, the people will protest, but if they do it so the government feels threatened then, they are not doing their jobs. They make choices that are based on what they feel.

In conclusion of this essay, we really need to lessen our laws on guns. Guns are dangerous weapons, and should be used with caution, but not under a bunch of laws. The laws cause people to want to break them. They also create more danger. As I mentioned the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to have, and own guns. It would be a shame if the government took that away from us.

Dallin Lowe


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