After combing through the Standard-Examiner website, I found that you have not reported on the bills HB 209 and HB 17 from the 2019 session of the Utah Legislature, and I am concerned that you have not taken an opportunity to inform your readers of their contents, especially since HB17 has been enacted.

HB 209 and HB 17 had similar goals – gun limitations for those who pose a threat to themselves or others, like those with mental health issues. HB 17 focuses on safety in storing guns, as well as requiring those who seek concealed firearm permits to go through a suicide prevention course. Although HB 209 did not pass, it will be brought again to the legislature in 2020, and your readers should know what it’s about. HB 209 seeks to create a “red flag gun law,” where those who are at risk of violence can have their guns held temporarily by police, or by a judge, depending on severity. If the judge rules that the person with the firearm is an at-risk individual, the judge can recommend psychiatric intervention, and can hold the gun for up to a year.

I believe we need to know these things as gun issues increase in our country and would like to see more reporting on these issues from the Standard-Examiner.

Lori Ludlow


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