I would like to propose legislation requiring the use of headlights 24/7. Many drivers already do this on their own, making it easier for other drivers to see them. All drivers should recognize that vehicles being driven with their lights on are more visible, even on perfectly clear days.

The colors of some vehicles allow them to blend in with the road and other surroundings, making them more difficult to see from a distance. I suggest that a significant number of accidents, thus fewer injuries and deaths, would be avoided with a 24/7 requirement for headlights.

I am a school bus driver for the Box Elder School District. I see vehicles on the highways every day, especially those before sunup and after sundown, that would be more visible if their headlights were on, not just park lights but actual headlights.

In summary, I am submitting this proposal for consideration to legislate for making Utah highways safer for everyone. We all have loves ones using our highways that we would like to help keep safe.

Duane L. Rice

Brigham City

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