We urge Weber County Commissioners to act quickly to mitigate the risk of the high-speed traffic immediately adjacent to the Weber Pathways trail located on Highway 162 just north of Snowcrest School and the Eden 2nd LDS Ward in Eden.

The proximity of the path and roadway at this location means that only a small error on the part of a driver, pedestrian or biker can easily result in a vehicle-pedestrian or biker collision. Each of us has recently had a “near miss.” Many of our friends have seen vehicles dangerously close to pedestrians and bikers, families with babies in strollers and people with pets. And several years ago at this precise location, a biker was hit and badly injured.

We urge (at the very least):

1. Reduce the speed limit on Highway 162 from the four-way stop to River Drive to 35 (even 30) mph. This currently 40 mph road has:

• Multiple businesses with on-highway parking.

• Multiple entrances and exits to the post office, market, cross streets, gas station, individual houses and a residential area.

• The Eden 2nd Ward LDS Church.

• Snowcrest Junior High.

2. Large and Visible signs should be placed warning motorists of the proximity to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Flags should be carried by pedestrians and bikers.

3. Weber County should vigorously enforce the new, lower speed limit.

All of these measures require minimal funding, should make this location safer and could save a life.

Lee Schssman and Susan Yauck


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