How extremely fun to be President Trump today! He gleefully runs off to events like the UN Climate Actions Summit and disrupts them with his authority and whimsical speeches. He knows several things about life on planet America that serve him well.

First, the president is immune from the law. The people can't sue him (not yet), and the Congress can't impeach him (because party loyalty has replaced loyalty to rule of law).

Second, presidents have gotten away with more and more each successive administration, and now it's his turn to push the boundaries further ... just for the fun of it!

Next, he knows the more he pushes the people to the depths of their capabilities, the more they will love him for his audacity. He is the caretaker of the swamp, not the drainer of it!

Finally, he reflects the "who cares" mantra of retirees, the "it's all good" philosophy of the middle-agers, and the anarchistic views of the youth. He can do no wrong and he knows it.

He is sitting in the catbird seat. He is cock of the walk. He is king of the mountain. And he is having fun!

Robert Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross

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