In 2009 my picture was on the front page of the paper for an article titled "Who mows park strip in Clinton? Home owners want no part of 'useless' land". Fast forward 9 years and the recommended $60 a year is actually $120 a year. Not only that but for the past nine years I have been charged for snow removal on the sidewalks and care of the park strip which Clinton City Titles and Public Works state are the responsibility of the Property Owners and not the HOA. There have also been recent findings that the CCR's state that the Landscape Easement that the HOA is to maintain is 5 feet between the sidewalk and the fence as recorded in the final plat. I was recently able to get a copy of the final plat and it shows the Landscape Easement to be 5 feet starting at the curb and is covering the park strip and sidewalk.

Long story short, the Homeowners of Lexington Estates HOA in Clinton have been charged an average of $90 a year to maintain property that is the responsibility of the property owner. I wonder how many other Ivory Home Communities have been forced into a similar situation where HOA's are forcing the collection of fees to have the homeowner pay for something that they are not responsible for according to CIty Code. I brought this information to the attention of the HOA Management Company and the Board of Directors. I have received no response.

Shane Rasband


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