I am confused about what the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA) means. To what former greatness does this refer? It can’t refer to the Watergate era when we had a president who viewed himself above any legal or moral restriction. We have that now. It can’t refer to the Ellis Island era when America was viewed around the world as the land of opportunity for the tired, poor, “huddled masses yearning to breath free” whom we welcomed. If this were part of MAGA why would the current administration’s policy be to prevent them from coming and sending back many of those who do get in?

I hope MAGA does not refer to when slavery was practiced and legal or when schools were segregated or when women were not allowed to vote. However, there does seem to be an effort to disenfranchise voters whom the current administration fears are unfriendly to them.

If MAGA refers to when people could speak civilly to and about one another, even though they do not agree, that would be a major step toward renewing any lost greatness in America.

But what can I who is but one registered Republican do to help make America great again? The current forces opposing America’s greatness are so powerful and so vast. What can I do? I can do the best I can to assure my vote is recorded. My vote will be for Biden/Harris. It is one small step to return greatness to America.

Carl Morgenegg

Pleasant View

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