As a concerned citizen of Utah and the United States, I add my voice to so many others who truly desire an honest consideration in the impeachment proceedings.

I am very concerned at the level and depth of dishonesty and corruption shown by the president and those in positions of power who do his bidding. I think it has been shown that Mr. Trump does not have the integrity we desire in the person who would be our president and the leader of this nation, not to mention the example of this country to so many others throughout the world.

I am very concerned with his actions involving Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Russia, and the list goes on.

I truly believe this man does not deserve the title or respect held by the president and urge our senators to show integrity and a higher moral ground in these proceedings. When given the vote, I hope that Mitt Romney and Mike Lee will vote for impeachment of Mr. Trump.

Jennifer Ballard

West Bountiful

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