Could someone tell me if our Ogden City Garbage is being recycled? Some weeks ago, to my surprise and consternation, there was an article in the paper pointing-out that both the sorted recyclables that go into the blue bins, and the unsorted non-recyclable garbage that goes into the green bins all ends up in the landfill. Best I recall, it stated this had been the case for the previous 8 months. Soon afterwards an edition of the paper stated that the mayor was aware of this sham of a recycling program, but thought the public should not know about it. He thought it good for people to keep their recycling habits for when recycling was reinitiated. The mayor’s attitude seemed very patronizing to me. I am not a child anymore, and even if I were, the mayor is not my daddy.

To the contrary, I have a right as a citizen to know what my government is doing. If I am a part of a government social conditioning program, I have a right to be told that I am. Sorting trash takes time and energy. Smooth glossy newspaper needs to separated from the non-glossy. Tin cans need to be rinsed clean of food, and their labels pulled. Plastics have to be sorted according to how they are marked.

So now, every time I take the trash out to the bins, or the bins out to the street I feel a little servile, and not exactly proud to be an Ogdenite. Could someone tell me if our Ogden City Garbage is being recycled?

David Ostler


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