In these “times that try men’s souls,” there are unsung heroes among us. Journalists are those heroes. Journalists who work tirelessly to help us understand, to prepare, to think logically, to eliminate mindless chatter. Journalists who do their best to uncover the truth and help us behold it with fresh eyes. Journalists who often put themselves into the eye of the storm to get to the heart of the matter.

There are those who decry journalists’ coverage of COVID-19 as overblown and the cause of panic. Some even believe that “the media” is trying to shut down the world.

Give me a break. We live in the Information Age, and our panic is because we don’t know how to filter all that information, to think logically about it, to find quiet time to ponder and awaken our faith. If you’re seeing too much about COVID-19, then take a break from your screen or newspaper, and play some croquet or sit by a stream or take a nap or say a prayer. Don’t blame the journalists -- these are women and men who are simply trying to help us understand what’s going on in the world.

After the dust from this virus has settled, I hope that those who in times past have labeled journalists’ work as “fake news” will show greater appreciation for their tireless reporting that is helping us to wake up as a nation, to prepare, to take care of ourselves and our neighbors.

Ben Watkins

Brigham City

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