We don't govern our country by mob rule, social or liberal media, but by our elected officials, who abide by the rule of law. Chuck Schumer declared "there is no presumption of innocence" regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

All four of Mrs. Ford's witnesses named could not corroborate her accusations of sexual abuse against Kavanaugh.

In this country every accused is innocent until proven guilty. But with many Democratic senators this law has been trashed and mocked with the help of the mob and liberal media. I honestly fear for the future of our country, should the majority go back to the Democrats who stop at nothing to regain power of the Senate and House.

This past experience of Kavanaugh's endorsement has been an eye opener of how the Dems use all means possible to smear and malign a candidate, to the point of completely ruining his career and reputation that has proven his stellar record for the past thirty years. The American Bar Association has given the highest flawless report given on behalf of Kavanaugh.

Now with the coming up election I urge all citizen to vote Republican to support our president's phenomenal achievements for our country in less than two years.

Historical low unemployment of 3.6 percent, adding 400,000 new manufacturing jobs, resulting in wage growth in every sector. The GDP up to 4.2 percent more than double during Obama's eight years, consumer confidence highest in 17 years. Trump's promise to move our US Embassy to Jerusalem, the defeat of ISIS, our promising negotiations with North Korea, the three hostages released, beginnings of fallen War Heroes returned, paralyzing regulations greatly reduced, historical tax cuts that affect most Americans, much better care for our veterans, just to mention a few examples.

If the Dems win back majority, they already proudly announced to repeal our tax cuts, oppose the Wall with open borders, eliminate ICE and endorse Socialism. Last but not least impeach President Trump. Their motto is resist, oppose, obstruct anything our president is trying to accomplish.

Some may not like his personality or style, his tweets or the way he communicates to the American people, but he is dedicated to make our country great(er) again, he truly loves the hard-working Americans and to make their lives better. Just consider the results! Vote Republican!

Erika Pimper

Brigham City

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