Times have changed. I guess times always do but faced with new and extraordinary circumstances we are challenged to discover the best ways to address them. As we are looking to meet these challenges in the education of our children we are privileged to have the experience of someone like Nancy Blair on the Ogden City School Board. Ms. Blair has a rich background that includes classroom, administrative and school board positions and the great asset of an open, creative and practical mind when addressing issues put before her. The ability to see opportunities when limitations are presented will be key in determining the success of our current educational landscape. Being able to understand that the goals reached by students with multiple learning styles through various curricular strategies is crucial to finding the best paths forward. I know from personal experience with Ms. Blair in the education of my own children that she understands the nuts and bolts of making things work in the classroom as well as the means administratively for initiating meaningful changes. This experience is key to bringing our students a valuable education in these changing times. Please join me in support of keeping Nancy Blair’s voice at the Ogden City School Board table as we move forward.

Diane Stern


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