I find it frustrating and lacking common sense that the road construction on I-15, between Layton and Riverdale, is the only road project in Utah that doesn’t have any “reduce speeds” or “uneven pavement” signage posted. It is ridiculous for people to be going the same speed limit posted for normal conditions with the road tore up like it is. There are several sections going northbound and southbound that the uneven payment causes people’s tires to catch and the vehicle to swerve. Seventy is not an appropriate speed for the current road condition. And why not replace the “emergency pullout” signs with “uneven pavement” signs? If I have an actual “emergency,” I’m pulling off wherever I can anyway as I’m sure most people would. If it’s a budget issue it should be considered what kind of financial consequences there would be when the lack of warning and speed reduction causes a significant loss prompting a lawsuit. Just my opinion.

Susan Heiser


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