I am writing again regarding the homeless shelter in Layton, which we do not have! Where is the compassion and love we are supposed to have for our fellow human beings?

Once again, I encountered a homeless person — the most lovely lady — with nowhere to go.

She was terribly cold. This weather is deadly for a homeless person.

As I was leaving, she was pulling her belongings closer to her in an attempt to be warmer. I gave her what little money I had, hoping it would help her, maybe even to get a meal.

Tears came to my eyes, and I could not sleep all night. My heart was broken because I could not do more.

For people who are supposed to be such good Christians, where is the proof? I am sure our Lord is wondering the same!

I have heard it's "the money." If that is so, I would gladly pay a little more taxes to see this tragedy come to an end. If everyone paid a little more, it would be a blessing. Remember, none of us are immune to this — it could be you!

Orlee Johnson


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