My name is Dennis Dalton. My ancestors came to Utah before it was a state. When Utah was made a state, a constitution was drawn and rules set forth for the legislature and governor. I am 80 years old. I have always been proud to be a citizen of Utah. Now I am disgusted with my state.

Proposition 2 drew to my attention that when more than one and one half million votes passed it, the legislature could cancel it and rewrite it the way they wanted it to read. The T.V. news made known that rules passed long ago permitted this to occur.

We citizens of Utah are but chattel to the governor and legislature. No matter what subject the proposition is about, they can change our vote, and tell us how to live and what to think. This is tyranny. We have no more rights than the serfs of medieval times, when a king and his advisors would tell the people what to think and how to live.

It is my hope that the groups suing the state to reverse Proposition 2 will appeal to the courts to have these damning words removed from Utah law, restoring our freedom and the right to have our vote count.

Dennis Dalton


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