It’s time to call a truce in our culture wars. It’s time to stop sniping at each other long enough to hear the cracking sounds coming from the foundation of our democracy. The institutions that underpin our democracy are under attack by President Donald Trump and his enablers in Congress. Disregard for the rule of law, contempt for the checks and balances in our Constitution, dangerously tearing down the media as the “enemy of the people” and wantonly spreading false information are just a few examples.

The choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump couldn’t be clearer. Biden will restore dignity to the office, rebuild our relationships with crucial allies and champion policies aimed at making this a more hopeful nation. Biden cherishes the Constitution and will respect and honor its time-proven principles. Trump will continue to treat it as an obstacle to his ambitions, one to be bent to his will.

This isn’t about the major issues, important as they are, or which party you belong to. The stakes are much higher. We need to find common cause on Election Day and elect Joe Biden, a President we know will work for the common good.

Larry Brown

South Jordan

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