I propose nominating Tim Vandenack, news writer for the Standard-Examiner, for a Pulitzer prize for all of his excellent reporting on the goings-on in North Ogden these past couple of years. He has attended dozens of our city council meetings and other issue related civic meetings in order to gather the facts and public views concerning the issues being deliberated.

Among the many decisions and activities that he has covered in North Ogden are three big ones that he has doggedly pursued. The first is the Barker Park Amphitheater project. After the building had been approved and construction begun, there arose a heated opposition in the neighborhood resulting in a lawsuit and much consternation. Tim covered it all.

The second one is the ongoing battle between the citizens of North Ogden and the Nordic Valley Ski Resort to construct or to stop plans to construct a greatly-expanded resort to include a gondola coming down the face of the west side of the mountain into North Ogden itself. Tim has been at almost all of the meetings held at the city and county levels.

The third has been the reporting of our Mayor Brent Taylor’s sad and unfortunate death in Afghanistan in November. Tim not only covered the many events related to Mayor Taylor's passing, but he has also followed the mayor’s work throughout his many newsworthy activities for years.

The reason I believe Tim Vandenack deserves a Pulitzer nomination is not only for his diligent work in reporting on these issues and events, but because of the quality of his work. He takes extraordinary care to get the facts right. He studies the background details of the issues. He interviews the people involved, on both sides, using his trusty but crazy form of shorthand. Then he writes his stories such that those facts are reported in a fair and accurate way.

Some may say, well that is just what reporters do, but Tim goes the extra mile to do it right and he does it very well. So I offer my thanks to Tim, and propose a Pulitzer nomination for his excellence in journalism.

Randy Winn

North Ogden

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