Mr. Kelly Miles,

As a resident of the state of Utah, more specifically District 11, and supporter of Proposition 2, I find it rather concerning that the people, the residents, of the state of Utah have voted in support of Proposition 2 and you and your administration is allowing the LDS Church, to impede on a legal and legitimate vote. I am concerned that I am not seeing the "separation between church and state". As per Utah Legislature Code Article 1 section 4, I am raising concerns that "there shall be no union of Church and State, nor shall any church dominate the State or interfere with its functions" in being infringed and allowed. I request that the state of Utah recognize and listen and represent that residents of the state of Utah as represented by the formal vote on the official ballot. As my representative, I would like to remind you that you are serving in a public office and work for the residents of District 11. I am formally requesting that you put forth effort to ensure that this is not allowed.

Adam Stever

Washington Terrace

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Good words Adam, and absolutely warranted. However your plea falls on "Deaf Ears", the Legislature does not represent their constituents.

LDS Incorporated are their masters and they vote accordingly. The best thing you can do is vote out the current bunch of Traitors!

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