Government malfeasance is clearly seen in the closing of the economy and the lack of protection of life, liberty and property seen over the last months. Their failure to secure our constitutional rights will have long-term consequences. To care about the economy is to care about human life, since the economy is how human life is sustained. Every business is essential to its employees and its customers. The toll of the lockdown will exceed that of the virus, due to cancellation of elective medical procedures, fear of seeking medical care or treatment and psychological effects of unemployment. Suicide rates are sky high as is domestic violence. The failure to control street violence is totally unconstitutional. Un-funding police is the dumbest thing ever and against the bill of rights. All lives matter. Black Lives Matter is founded by cultural Marxists and is an arm of the Democratic Party. Name one country on the planet where socialism has worked; Cuba, USSR, eastern Europe, Venezuela, or Columbia. Capital is accumulated effort and innovation, the sum of human achievement and imagination. Its creation is the aim of civilization. Government exists to rein in the devious impulses of the darkest humans. Pray our government can pull back from the abyss it has fallen into. Our present leaders, the product of a failed educational system, have poisoned our culture with Marxism. Our universities spew out socialism and trap our students' minds. God save us.

Alan Abdulla


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