Wearing a mask or other face covering while we struggle to keep Covid-19 numbers from spiking seems to be a much easier solution than going back to the stay-at-home regime we all just had to endure. The State of Utah and the City of Ogden have declined to make this mandatory, but local businesses can require customers to wear masks if they can muster the will to stand up to nay-sayers. Costco, Harmon’s, and Ocean Mart in Roy are all requiring this, while Smith’s and Fresh Market, to name a few, are not. I plan to do all my grocery shopping at the stores that are demonstrating this concern for the safety of their workers and their customers. And I urge Mayor Mike Caldwell and the Ogden City Council to consider an ordinance making this the law. Do we really want to have to “pause” our reopening, as Texas has already done, because we lack the will to take this simple step? Masks are not political. They are not partisan. They can save lives, and save our community from having to face more economic and personal disruption. Please join me in taking our business and our money to stores that care enough to require masks for everyone.

Jan Hamer


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