Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, the Army officer who reported concerns about the President’s call with the president of Ukraine, recently retired. It was apparently under pressure. He was reportedly on the promotion list for Colonel but the President had planned to remove his name. Vindman was on the promotion list because his superiors rated him as deserving promotion. The list goes to the President before going to the Senate. While the President can remove someone it must be for cause. “Disloyalty” is not a cause. Vindman witnessed what he understood to be inappropriate action by Trump. He reported it as required by his oath. It had nothing to do with being “disloyal.” Even the Army said he had done nothing wrong. We know that the President had him (and his brother) unceremoniously escorted from the White House, “drummed out.” If the President planned to deny his promotion it is because he wanted to get even. It can’t be because “He hates Trump,” etc. (Late development: his name is on the list but that is irrelevant now; he retired.)

Perhaps Trump and others believe military officers take a loyalty oath to the president. The oath I and every commissioned officer took says we will “... support and defend the Constitution of the United States. ...” There is nothing in that oath about supporting and defending, or being loyal to, the president. This was retribution, pure and simple.

Kenneth Freimuth, LTC, US Army retired


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