I listened to President Trump's Rose Garden address about opening up the government again. The address heavily insisted that we need a barrier on our southern border to keep people from coming in because there are a lot of criminals, drug-dealers, and "bad, bad people" trying to enter our country.

So far as I know, President Trump has never lived in Central America. But I have lived there because I served a proselyting mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Central America. I worked in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. His description of the Central American people seeking asylum in our country does not jive with what I know about the Central American people.

He talked about the many hundreds and the many thousands of people that are trying to come across our borders and how we shouldn't welcome them here because they are undesirable. It wouldn't be difficult to believe that some of that might be true, but I believe that so many undesirable people would be a real stretch. I would like to see his opinions fact-checked.

Dennis Wakefield


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