Response to National Columnist Connie Schulz’s editorial on November 09, 2020 in the Ogden Standard Examiner.

“What kind of change will the election bring to US”

Sign for Biden and BLM were removed from her lawn: Whether it was by the wind or a person, she should be happy there were not rioters on her front lawn or verbal attacks on her family because of her right to express her personal choice.

Election results: Yes, Biden has won the popular vote, but at what cost? The validity of mail in voting has been suspect for many months. Have our voting laws been criminally assaulted? The personal opinion of the columnist that Trump voters are fine with brown babies ripped from their mothers, white supremacy is okay and the pandemic was willfully neglected is absurd. Everyone loves babies, puppies and elderly. President Trump denounced White Supremacist time and time again. The constant monotone by the media “the pandemic was willfully neglected” seems out of line because if President Trump had not acted when he did, many more lives would have been lost, for example, New York, who waited too long to react.

“What kind of change will the election bring to US?”

My hope is that the media will start reporting the news instead of their political opinion. As an example, Biden's lucrative involvement with China was not reported.

My hope is the states' allowance of rioting and looting will come to an end.

My hope is the federal government will balance the budget.

My hope is for congressional term limits.

I have many more hopes as you do. God bless you and yours.

Valorie Stewart

South Weber

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