Dear Representative,

The most any government can require of a citizen is his or her life and governments often require such sacrifices in the military. Government takes the life of its citizens in other ways as well. I, as a taxpayer, am required to pay a portion of my income to the government. I do this willingly. I have given part of my life to pay these taxes so those funds represent a sacred trust that you will obligate them to most worthy endeavors. This is not the case. The United States is running a $22 trillion dollar national debt! That is $67,000 for every man, woman and child in the U.S. or about $173,000 dollars per household. This is obscene, we have not only spent beyond our means, we have mortgaged our grandchildren’s future. It would take the average Utah household about 2.5 years to pay off what we have already spent. In my opinion, the issue of the national debt is the single greatest threat we face as a nation. Neither political party seems to have the courage to deal with this issue. Democrats expand the debt by expanding existing programs, adding new ones. Republicans would reduce government income which leaves less to pay for programs. Don’t create new programs without securing the necessary funding, be honest where its coming from – increased taxes or elimination of existing ones. Every government function should justify its existence regularly and if not necessary then should be considered for elimination.

Randall Julander


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