I’m a retired photo/journalist from Fox News and remember interviewing Mitt Romney a couple times during the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics. Not from behind a big desk, but in snow-filled parking lots and venues where he was trying to keep busses and teams on schedule.

He was brought in to take care of the corruption, balance the budget and restore the schedule. By all accounts he was credited with saving the Olympics with tough, honest and often controversial decisions and actions.

So, it wasn’t surprising to me when he voted to impeach Donald Trump. He actually listened to all the corroborated testimony from the president’s hand-picked Republican appointees and senior officials during the Senate trial.

Unlike most Republicans, he reserved his judgment for the end not the beginning of the hearing.

His reward at home for basing his vote on common sense and overwhelming evidence was HB 217 (Recall of a U.S. Senator) sponsored by Rep. Tim Quinn in the Utah Legislature.

Rep. Quinn, who was recently convicted of federal charges, was outraged Romney wasn’t representing Utah.

Where was Utah’s Republican outrage when Trump humiliated Republican war heroes, cursed at the National Prayer Breakfast or ballooned the deficit with his tax cuts for the rich?

The Mueller Report and 17 intelligence agencies said Russia spent millions to get Donald Trump elected. Seventy-seven thousand votes in the rust belt was all it took to put him in the White House.

He was searching for corruption in Ukraine on his perfect call but had to look no farther than his Trump University and charity scam for that. No Utah outrage ever for anything.

Obviously Mitt Romney never heeded philosopher Voltaire’s advice “When the government is wrong it’s dangerous to be right.”

Craig Feller


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