Kaysville City has decided they want to be open to the "artistic verve" of the community. After an ongoing dispute concerning graffiti at one intersection of the city's public utility poles, Kaysville Mayor, Katie Witt has decided it's cute and wants to encourage it. Except it only ever appears at one single intersection so the rest of the city is being Art Deprived. And now it's apparently open season for graffiti in Kaysville. It has to be "artistic" though. Painted bicycles, discarded tool boxes, old children's toys, all are acceptable to art up and secure to utility poles up to twenty feet off the ground. Infrastructure be damned. (I wonder how "fun" it will be when the ninety pound rolling tool box ten feet up the pole falls off and hits a passing car or pedestrian? Oh well. It's all in good old "spirited fun".)

Last April, Kaysville City Manager, Shayne Scott said, "We don't discourage this type of spirited fun, we actually encourage it." According to Mayor Witt, the power company and the police department don't "feel" that it's a hazard and the police department told me that it's "nuisance" but the Mayor wants it to stay. Utah Code says graffiti is "writing, spraying, scratching, affixing, etching, or inscribing on the property of another regardless of the content or the nature of the material used in the commission of the act." But, you know, the city "feels" that that is a silly rule so....

If you pay taxes or utilities in Kaysville City, you are supporting this juvenile display of junkyard "art". And if you live near that intersection and object to your neighborhood being used as a dumping ground, however colorfully they paint it, too bad. Last April I proposed moving it to City Hall or the Mayor's house since they thought it was so "fun" but that suggestion was met with a decidedly un-"spirited" reaction. So here it remains. But only if it stays in this one neighborhood, and for heaven's sake, don't let it get anywhere near City Hall or the Mayor's house because that would be graffiti.

Kellie Swasey


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