Here are some more numbers to think about. The 2018-19 influenza season killed approximately 1 in every 1,038 people who was infected in the US. A .0963% death rate. Covid-19 so far has killed 1 in every 17.5 infected people. A 5.621% death rate. If the flu and Covid-19 were comparable, 2,028,571 people would have died from the flu during the 2018-19 season. Covid-19 is five times more deadly, many times more contagious and there are NO effective treatments, cures or vaccines as of yet to combat it. Sun lamps for the lungs, Clorox injections or unproven medications with lethal side effects of their own notwithstanding. Covid-19 can be transmitted by people who display absolutely ZERO symptoms and can be passed by airborne particles which can linger in the air for a time even after the infected person has gone. Are people seriously still trying to compare the two? Really?

This is not a war. It is a pandemic. Wars, horrible and devastating as they are, are caused, guided and directed by humans. A pandemic is indiscriminate, uncontrollable and, believe it or not, nonpartisan. Yes, the economy is struggling. Unlike Covid, there are ways to treat it but people would have to work together. But they won't. Still, economies can recover. Dead people can not. How do you think the economy will look when 5% (8.8 million people) of the workforce is dead? Take some casualties? Go ahead. How many? Which 5% of your family are you willing to sacrifice?

Kellie Swasey


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