I have three observations to make with regard to two recent unrelated stories. First, regarding the "quirky idea" of closing 25th to cars, and having patrons of businesses social distance outdoors as they eat, drink and socialize is a great idea. The concern of the hot summer sun can be solved by a row of Sycamore or Walnut trees planted in the middle of the existing street. These trees grow out broad enough that they would, at maturity, shade the street from one side to the other. Of course, we'd want to to consult a professional landscape architect.

Second, regarding the killing of the unarmed Mr. Atkin by South Ogden Police Officer Christoper Freestone. Freestone asserts his 5th Amendment rights in refusing to answer any questions regarding the shooting. That's fine regarding any criminal charges, but the Fifth Amendment has no relevance when the issue is job performance? Now that it's been determined that no criminal charges will be filed, it is time for Officer Freestone to tell his story if he wants to keep his job.

David Ostler


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