Thursday evening President Trump went on national TV and attacked the foundation of our democracy. With his lies, attacks and accusations he broke his constitutional oath. So disturbing was his speech that all three major networks cut away from his comments rather than continue to provide him a forum.

This is a time for every elected Republican official in Congress to forcefully denounce these words, reassure the public, and repair the damage Trump is inflicting. Yet, here in Utah, with the exception of Senator Romney, they are silent.

Senator Lee - not a word.

Representatives Bishop, Stewart, Curtis - silence.

Newly elected Representative Moore - nothing.

Where is the courage? Where is the integrity? Where is the sense of responsibility to their office, their constituents, and their oath?

With their silence they are complicit.

History will not be kind to Donald Trump. These past four years will be seen as shameful. Those whom we elected to serve and represent us, who by their actions and inactions enabled the President, should and will be judged guilty as well.

Michael Bowcut

Pleasant View

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